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100% NEW MOULDS HISTORIC BOOKLET Suitable for Ages 10 & Older The construction of the Flavio
amphitheater, best known all over the World as Colosseum (Colosseo in Italian), began in AD 72 under the
emperor Vespasian and ended just eight years later under emperor Titus. Built in travertine and tuff stones,
it is the world's largest amphitheater and it is considered the symbol of the majesty of Imperial Rome. The
Colosseum was used to host the favorite shows of Roman society, such as the fights between animals,
mainly importer from Africa and Middle East and the fighting between gladiators. The Colosseum could
accommodate up to 80,000 people who could quickly get out, at the end of the shows, thanks to a modern
concept of seating, stairs and tunnels. Special textile covers known as the "velarium", operated by
experienced military fleet sailors from Misenum, also provided an effective protection against sun or bad
weather. Today the 'Colosseo' is one of the most visited monuments in the World and it is one of the most
famous symbol of Rome and Italy.

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