Rapido Trains 84515 NH E-Lok EP-5 #372

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New Haven 372 (Experimental Scheme, No Vents, yellow, black, white)
EP-5 "Jet" Electric - Sound & DCC

The Rapido Trains EP-5 "Jet" Electric is based on General Electric-built locomotives constructed for the New Haven. The New Haven's EP-5s are one of the most famous electric locomotives in North America. Built by General Electric, the ten-strong class was delivered in 1955 dressed in the colorful McGinnis red, white and black paint scheme with large "NH" logos on the sides and noses. The EP-5s were state-of-the-art for their time, being equipped with ignitron rectifiers to convert the AC power from the overhead wires to DC for use in the locomotive's traction motors. They also carried third rail shoes and DC auxiliaries to allow operation on the third-rail system into New York City's Grand Central Terminal. Crammed full of electronic equipment, the locos weighed 174 tons.

The EP-5s were put into service in the New Haven's electrified Shore Line route between New York and New Haven, Connecticut. They very quickly they earned the nickname "Jets" because of the sound of the blower motors need to cool the ignitron rectifiers. Several EP-5s continued in service after the Penn Central merger in 1969 while others were stored (with the new class designation E40). The PC transferred some units to former PRR territory where they were used in freight service. The last Jet was retired in 1977, shortly after the formation of Conrail. All ten units were scrapped.

Both as-built units with smooth side panels and modified units with the large vent openings are available. Double and single pantograph shoes will be applied as appropriate and later nose grabs and platforms are included with each locomotive as a user-installed option where appropriate.

This model was built with assistance of the New Haven Railroad Technical and Historical Association. Other features of the EP-5 include separately applied details, etched-metal grilles and metal magnetic knuckle couplers. The EP-5 Jet comes equipped with a sound and DCC decoder with accurate sound recordings and includes a complete lighting package.

Empfohlen für Modellbauer und Sammler ab 14 Jahren. Aufgrund maßstabs- und vorbildgerechter bzw. funktionsbedingter Gestaltung sind Spitzen, Kanten und Kleinteile vorhanden. Verschluckungsgefahr. Deshalb nicht in die Hände von Kindern unter 10 Jahren!